Important Factors for a Good Attorney-Client Relationship

Family law encompasses some of the most emotionally taxing and vulnerable proceedings. A lot is at stake for individuals involved in a family law proceeding, whether it is divorce, child custody, parenting time, visitation, child support, adoption, etc. Adverse parties also contribute to the emotional stress associated especially if the adverse party has narcissistic characteristics. It is imperative that you have a good relationship with your attorney to help you get through the difficult family law proceedings. This blog will discuss the important factors for a good attorney-client relationship and what you should look for in your attorney search.

While this first factor may be obvious, communication is a factor that can build the attorney-client relationship. Communication with your attorney also requires trust, which allows the attorney and client to communicate openly. Communication is key, thus building trust and maintaining open and honest communication is paramount. Clients need to feel comfortable sharing personal and sensitive information with their attorney, and the attorney should listen actively and respond to their concerns and questions in a clear manner. While sharing personal information may seem embarrassing, it is important that your attorney is fully aware of the details pertaining to your matter. Further, along with communication comes empathy and understanding. Family law matters often involve emotions and complex issues that are obviously very personal to the client, therefore, the attorney must exhibit empathy and a clear understanding of the client’s situation. An attorney demonstrates this will allow the client-attorney relationship to have a better rapport and help alleviate the client’s stress. 

Another factor for a good client-attorney relationship is expertise because family law is a specific legal area with its own set of rules, regulations, and legal precedents. When searching for an attorney, the client should consider the attorney’s expertise, in that they are heavily involved and experienced in family law matters. While competent legal representation is required, an experienced family law attorney can confidently communicate with their client and provide a wide range of information. Another factor that accompanies expertise is objectivity. Objectivity can help the client understand the realistic expectations in their proceeding. A good attorney-client relationship has realistic expectations discussed with the client about their matter.

An equally important factor for a good attorney-client relationship is professionalism. As a client, you should feel as though your attorney treats you with respect and provides the utmost professionalism. Family law matters can be time sensitive and clients need to communicate with their attorney frequently depending on the issue. An attorney who is responsive, accessible, and keeps the client informed can help build the client-attorney relationship because this helps the client maintain confidence in their attorney. Lastly, professionalism speaks to the attorney’s adherence to the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct, which touches on confidentiality and other ethical standards.

In essence, the client-attorney relationship can have a meaningful impact on your family law proceeding. The factors associated with a good relationship are what clients should be looking for in their attorney. As previously mentioned, family law can be an exhaustive process and a good relationship with your attorney can make a difference in your experience. Ciyou & Associates, P.C. has skilled and experienced attorneys who have the factors that contribute to a good client-attorney relationship. We are here to help you with your family law matter and to build a good client-attorney relationship. This blog post was written by attorneys at Ciyou & Associates, P.C., and this blog is not intended as specific legal advice or solicitation of services, as this is an advertisement. 


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