Can I Start Dating, or Do I Have to Wait Until the Divorce Is Final?

Can I Start Dating, or Do I Have to Wait Until the Divorce Is Final in Indiana?

Divorce attorneys have different views of cases and how they should be handled. This is called strategy and varies widely from attorney to attorney. That said, there is universal agreement between almost all divorce attorneys you should not date or post on social media during a divorce.  That said, there is no prohibition in the Divorce Act the prevents dating.

However, almost every divorce attorney is always against dating, as the divorce itself almost always involves hurt feelings at a minimum. If one spouse knows you have truly moved on and have a “new partner,” it may well inflame an already hostile divorce action and wind up causing to drag on much longer than it should, and cost well more than it needs to.


While most divorces involve feelings of abandonment, loss, grief and the like, most litigants understand that they will get divorced and have some general awareness that more money the legal fees add up to, the less there will be divided between the parties. As long as it is just and reasonable, the divorce court will presumptively divide the marital estate in half. However, while logical if the divorce drags out and costs more, there is less in the marital estate to divide between the parties.

For the most part, divorce litigants are fighting a legal battle (despite hurt feelings) to get divorced in the shortest period of time after the sixty (60) day “cooling off” period has passed for the least amount of money with the best outcome. This is truly a case where both sides are generally fighting a legal battle.

However, if one spouse is at or gets to the point of fighting an emotional battle—where the divorce process itself—because de facto therapy, the sky is the limit (well bankruptcy) to how long these cases drag on and how much they cost.

That said, most divorce attorneys have dealt with scorned clients who will spend any amount to fight the other spouse because he/she is bitter and simply cannot process the divorce and move on in life. They borrow money to fund the divorce, sometimes even getting second jobs to fight the other party purely for the fight—not because they will financially get ahead by doing so.

In fact, they are hurting both parties’ financial futures. This noted, while the court will divorce you at some period of time, there is no statute that allows the court to order the other side to be reasonable and a scorned spouse because you got a new boyfriend or girlfriend is likely to cost you in terms of time which establishes how much a divorce will cost.

This blog was written by attorneys at Ciyou & Associates, P.C. This blog is written for general educational purposes. It is not to be relied upon for any legal matter or issue.  Additionally, the blog is not intended as legal advice. The blog is an advertisement. We hope this blog on dating during divorce help you with your divorce case.


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