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Child-Centric Approach: We prioritize the children's needs, ensuring child support arrangements adequately address their financial requirements.
Expertise in Child Support: With in-depth knowledge of child support laws, we navigate complexities to secure fair and reasonable support arrangements.
Negotiation and Advocacy: We engage in negotiations and vigorous advocacy to ensure our clients' rights are protected and fair support is established.

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Child Support Attorney in Indiana FAQ'S

  • What is child support?

    Child support is financial assistance provided by one parent to another for the care and upbringing of their children after separation or divorce.

  • How is child support calculated?

    Child support calculations vary by state but generally consider factors such as each parent's income, the child's needs, and custody arrangements.

  • Can child support be modified?

    Yes, child support can be modified upon a significant change in circumstances, such as income changes or alterations in custody arrangements.

  • What happens if child support payments are not made?

    Non-payment of child support can result in legal consequences, including wage garnishment, license suspension, or court enforcement measures.

  • Are both parents responsible for child support?

    Both parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children, and child support obligations are generally based on both parents' incomes.

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