Beware of These Types of Contempt in Indiana

In the realm of custody and divorce proceedings, conflicts and disputes are inevitable occurrences. If not, it is likely the parties would be separating or seeking custody orders from the Court. But what happens when one party chooses not to follow (or otherwise disregards) a Court order? If a disagreement or disregard of an order […]

Depositions During the Divorce Proceedings: Seven Insights for Consideration

At Ciyou & Associates, P.C., we frequently address concerns from our divorce clients regarding depositions, particularly those facing questioning from their spouse or ex-spouse during divorce or post-divorce litigation. Depositions can serve as a very important tool during the discovery process. Depositions can help the attorneys to gather and develop key items that may be […]

Protective Orders vs. No Contact Orders: What Is the Difference?

Understanding the nuances between a Protective Order (PO) and a No Contact Order is crucial, as they serve distinct purposes in legal proceedings and carry different implications if violated. This overview aims to clarify the distinctions between Civil Protective Orders and No Contact Orders in Indiana Protective Orders, commonly referred to as POs, are civil […]

Child Support Overpayments: Will I Get Reimbursed?

Child support payments are subject to modification based on various factors, such as changes in income, custody arrangements, or the emancipation of a child. When modifications occur, there’s a possibility of overpayment if adjustments aren’t made promptly. The key determinant in whether overpaid child support is reimbursed often lies in the actions and intentions of […]

Six Ways to Co-parent With an Unreasonable Ex

Navigating the complexities of co-parenting with an unreasonable ex-spouse can be challenging, but there are strategies to help mitigate conflicts and maintain a healthy environment for your children. At Ciyou & Associates, P.C., we understand the emotional toll divorce and ending a relationship can take, and we’re here to offer practical advice for handling child […]

Stalled by Allegations: How Accusations Can Delay Legal Proceedings

Divorce proceedings often encompass matters related to child custody, support, property division, and the equitable distribution of assets and debts. The initial phase of gathering information can be extensive, involving exhaustive analysis of financial records, schedules, and other pertinent details to facilitate fair determinations regarding custody, support, and asset division. However, delays in the divorce […]

Why Is My Divorce Taking So Long?

The legal process doesn’t always move as swiftly as one might hope. There are often deadlines and procedures that must be followed before a case can be finalized, leading to delays. People often point to “the right to a speedy trial.” However, this is not applicable in civil cases and likely does not benefit the […]

Contemplating Divorce? A Comprehensive Financial Planning Checklist

The decision to pursue a divorce is one fraught with emotional, financial, and practical considerations. While divorce is often seen as the ending of a romantic relationship, it also entails the unraveling of intertwined financial lives. From property division to asset allocation, financial planning plays a crucial role in the divorce process. You should always […]

Your Smartphone, Smartwatch, and Other Devices: Fifth Amendment Privilege

Many of us are familiar with the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination, which allows us to remain silent in civil, administrative, or criminal proceedings to avoid potentially exposing ourselves to criminal prosecution. However, a crucial question has emerged regarding whether this privilege extends to our smartphones and other devices. This blog delves into a significant […]

“De Facto Custody”: The Changing Family Unit

The concept of “family” has evolved significantly in recent decades, departing from the traditional structure of a mother, father, and two children. Nowadays, families often encompass step-parents, grandparents, half-siblings, and other configurations. This shift has brought about more intricate custody and visitation disputes. Our experienced team of family law attorneys frequently encounter cases where extended […]