Skeletons in the Closet: Will They Come out During My Divorce?

Divorce proceedings often unravel personal and emotional complexities, leading to contentious disputes. Amidst the legal and financial considerations, personal matters frequently surface in the courtroom. These revelations, often referred to as “skeletons,” can significantly impact custody determinations and asset division. It’s essential to disclose these matters to your attorney to strategize effectively and minimize their […]

What You Need to Know about Modifying Child Support

If you are either paying child support or receiving child support in Indiana there are circumstances that will prompt the need for a modification in the amount of support. Indiana provides for modification of child support when there are changes in lifestyle, circumstances, etc. Upon showing to the court that there is a need for […]

Common Errors Draining Your Finances During Divorce Discovery

Navigating a divorce is undeniably stressful, and the last thing you want is to compound that stress with unnecessary attorney fees. Discovery, an integral part of the divorce process, often becomes a financial drain for many individuals. While its purpose is to gather essential information for the court, mishandling discovery can lead to significant expenses. […]

3 Strategies to Assist the Judge in Your Divorce Proceedings

Divorce and child custody matters present both common and unique challenges for families navigating the legal system. To aid attorneys in presenting their clients’ cases effectively, Indiana judges often offer guidance through seminars and presentations. This blog will explore some of the topics that judges often discuss during Continued Legal Education (CLE) seminars in Indiana […]

3 Key Considerations for Appealing Your Case in Indiana

When contemplating an appeal from a trial court’s final order to the Indiana Court of Appeals, it’s crucial to understand several fundamental aspects of the appellate process. This blog post highlights three essential considerations that are often overlooked but play a significant role in the appeal process and items to consider when considering appealing your […]

3 Essential Points to Understand About International Child Abduction

In today’s interconnected world, where travel across borders is commonplace, thousands of children fall victim to familial abduction each year. To address this issue, many Western nations, including the United States, have ratified the Hague Convention, which aims to facilitate the return of abducted children to their state of habitual residence. This blog highlights three […]

Will I Get Alimony? Understanding Indiana’s Limited Maintenance Options

Unlike some other states where individuals may receive alimony following a divorce or legal separation to support their livelihood or maintain a certain standard of living, Indiana does not have provisions for ‘alimony.’ Instead, certain conditions or circumstances may lead to the awarding of spousal maintenance. This blog will explore the limited maintenance options that […]

Rehabilitation Maintenance: Pros and Cons

Within the framework of the Divorce Act, trial courts wield significant discretion in dividing the marital assets equitably. An aspect often considered in divorce proceedings is the provision of statutory rehabilitation maintenance. This blog will explore what rehabilitation maintenance is in divorce proceedings and the implications of same.  Unlike alimony in many other jurisdictions, rehabilitation […]

Adoption Challenges: Obtaining Necessary Consent

Adoption, which is hand in hand with termination of parental rights, is unique in that it can completely sever forever and all time a natural (or prior adoptive parent) parents (constitutional and fundamental) right to raise his or her own child with limits on a state’s right to interfere. The way adoption does this in legal […]