Who Pays What in Child Support Matters in Indiana

As a parent in the state of Indiana, understanding the responsibilities and obligations surrounding child support is crucial. Child support plays a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing and financial security of children, and the laws governing these payments can be complex. It is always best to seek advice from an experienced family law attorney […]

What Can Come back to Haunt You After Your Divorce in Indiana

The end of a marriage can be an emotionally tumultuous and stressful time, but the effects of divorce can continue to linger long after the legal process is complete. In the state of Indiana, there are certain issues that can come back to “haunt” individuals even after the divorce is finalized. It is important that […]

What You Need to Know about E-filing in Indiana Courts

In the digital age, the traditional paper-based court filing system has given way to a more efficient and accessible electronic filing (e-filing) process. Indiana has embraced this technology shift, offering e-filing options for various court documents across the state. This blog post will address the benefits and considerations of e-filing in Indiana courts. E-filing is […]

Common Triggers That Lead to Child Custody Modification

Child custody arrangements are not always set in stone in Indiana. As a child’s needs and family circumstances change over time, there may be a need to modify the existing custody order. In Indiana, some common triggers can prompt a modification of a child custody agreement. A competent attorney can help prepare you for modification […]

What You Need to Know about Domestic Disputes Turning Criminal in Indiana

Family law encompasses many areas of contention amongst parties, but it is primarily handled in civil proceedings, however, there is some overlap with criminal law. Individuals involved in domestic conflicts must understand the potential legal ramifications and consequences. An experienced attorney would be able to inform you of potential legal ramifications that could arise from […]

What You Need to Know about Addressing Parenting Time Outside of Court

In Indiana, the traditional route for parenting time disputes is through the court system, which can be lengthy, costly, and emotionally exhausting. There are alternative ways to address parenting time matters outside of the courtroom in Indiana family law. Addressing parenting time outside of court is not for every family, especially if the parents cannot […]

What You Need to Know about Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing in Indiana

Felony convictions typically result in prison sentences, while misdemeanor offenses allow for more flexibility for the court to pursue alternative sentencing programs that are more than just incarceration. In Indiana, a judgment of conviction of a Level 6 felony can be converted to a conviction as a Class A Misdemeanor. Certainly, this alternative misdemeanor sentencing […]

The Types of Daily Record Keeping That Can Bolster Your Case in Indiana

In legal matters, having well-organized and comprehensive records can make a significant difference in the strength of your case. This is particularly true in the state of Indiana, where meticulous documentation can be a powerful asset, whether you are involved in a divorce, child custody dispute, or other family law proceedings. This blog will discuss […]

Termination of Biological Parental Rights in Indiana Adoption Proceedings

When a child is adopted in Indiana, it severs the parental rights of the biological parents and transfers those rights to the adoptive parents. Termination of parental rights is a serious matter that the Indiana courts do not take lightly by any means. The courts’ goal is to ensure the child’s wellbeing is advocated for […]