How Do I Select an Attorney to Handle an Emergency Hearing in Indiana?

How Do I Select an Attorney to Handle an Emergency Hearing

Emergency custody hearings in Indiana may be set within a couple to a few days of you receiving notice, so the search for an attorney to represent you must be completed very quickly. However, a quick search does not mean you will have to, or should, settle for representation that is less than experienced and […]

The Role of Forensic Accountants in Indiana Divorce

division of property divorce attorney

Locating, valuating, and dividing marital assets during a divorce can be complicated, especially when there is a large marital estate, one of the parties is self-employed, owns a company, or has a pension. Forensic accountants can provide valuation, location, and income tracking services to find all of the marital assets, calculate the value of each […]

How to Litigate Your Custody Modification Case When Your Ex Is a Narcissist

custody modification with a narcissist

Any custody modification case can become a battle, but when your ex is a narcissist, you must be prepared for war. Not only do narcissists refuse to lose, but they are willing to break all the rules to ensure that they win. However, knowing a narcissist’s personality traits and the types of behavior you might […]

What Distinguishes an Appellate Lawyer from a Trial Lawyer in Indiana?

In order to understand the difference between an appellate and a trial lawyer in Indiana, one must first know how the courts are structured, a particular court’s purpose and an attorney’s role in that court. While both appellate and trial lawyers are attorneys authorized to practice law in their state, the experience and skills required […]

How Social Media Can Impact Your Indiana Divorce Case

Social media has made staying in touch with friends and family almost effortless for its 4.8 billion users worldwide. Posting a photo of the concert or party you are attending, venting about what made you angry today, or sharing your plans for the weekend takes only seconds and everyone is apprised of what is happening […]

What You Need to Know When Divorcing a Narcissist

divorcing a narcissist

Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, excessive need for praise and admiration, fragile sense of self-esteem, and lack of empathy for others. These personality traits may lead a narcissist to drag a divorce out as long as possible, causing it to be extremely time consuming and frustrating. This blog […]

Understanding the Impact of Addiction on Divorce in Indiana

addiction in divorce

Addiction issues can have a negative impact on aspects of a divorce in Indiana. Courts take substance abuse seriously, especially when there are minor children involved. Child custody and parenting time may be restricted, supervised, or not granted at all to the addicted party until appropriate treatment is successfully completed. A party suffering from addiction […]

What Is Ordinary Parenting Time in Indiana?

What Is Ordinary Parenting Time in Indiana?

Ordinary parenting time is parenting time that strictly follows the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. While the guidelines were created as a model for courts and parents to work from when creating a parenting time plan, the specific days and times outlined for parenting time are often followed by the court when other plans are not […]

Understanding Indiana Child Custody Laws: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Indiana Child Custody Laws: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Indiana child custody laws is critical for anyone involved in, or anticipating, a custody dispute. However, with the various statutes and guidelines scattered throughout the code, it can be nearly impossible to locate, sort through, and interpret it all. This blog explores Indiana custody law, where to find it, and what it might mean […]