Why Winning an Appeal is Challenging in Indiana and How to Overcome It

Appealing a custody decision in Indiana can be a challenge. Appeals, in general, can present a number of challenges, particularly in family law and criminal cases. The standard of proof set by the appellate court when reviewing issues on appeal is a difficult one to meet. This blog explores why winning on appeal in Indiana […]

Child Support Guidelines in Indiana: What You Need to Know

The large majority of child support orders in Indiana are based on a mathematical equation using numbers that may have more than one definition or way to calculate. The child support guidelines provide clarity and guidance for determining the correct figures and when certain expenses and credits may be used. This blog explores the child […]

What Is the Statutory Presumption for Legal Custody in Indiana?

Legal custody grants a parent the right to make major decisions concerning the child’s upbringing, such as religious training, education, and healthcare. When making a legal custody determination, the court must consider all relevant statutes and the factors described in those statutes. This blog explores legal custody determinations and the statutory presumptions for legal custody […]

Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines: What You Need to Know

indiana parenting guidelines

Navigating parenting time guidelines can be as easy or as difficult as parents make it. When both parties are able to cooperate in ensuring that the child’s needs are met while each of their changing work and life schedules are accommodated, the task might be effortless. This might not always be possible, however, and divorced […]

Exploring Grandparents’ Rights in Indiana Child Custody Cases

If you are researching grandparents’ right in Indiana, you are in the right place. In this post, we discuss what you need to know about the rights of grandparents, and how to take the next steps you need.  What Are Grandparents’ Rights In Indiana? Indiana law allows grandparents to petition the court for visitation with […]

Understanding the Criteria for Appealability in Indiana Courts

The most common type of appeal is one taken from a final order or decision in a case. In civil cases, a party who does not get the outcome they would have liked can appeal the final judgement or order to the Indiana Court of Appeals. In criminal cases, the defendant can appeal either a […]

What Is Maintenance and When Can a Court Order it?

While Indiana does not have alimony, it does have spousal maintenance. Maintenance is different from alimony, as alimony is a part of property division and maintenance is intended to help support the spouse receiving it. Spousal maintenance can be agreed upon by the parties, or awarded by the court, under very limited circumstances. This blog […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Divorce Litigation in Indiana

divorce in indiana

Understanding what to expect when filing for divorce in Indiana can help you prepare for what’s ahead. Read this attorney-written comprehensive guide to clarify common misconceptions so that you are better informed as you move forward. To contact our office, fill out the form, and we will get back to you. Divorce litigation can be […]

What Non-biological Parents Should Know About Child Custody in Indiana

There are instances where a non-biological parent can request or obtain custody or parenting time rights, however, non-biological parents are at a disadvantage when asking for rights the child’s biological parent does not want them to have. This blog discusses what non-biological parents should know about child custody in Indiana and what options they may […]

Exploring Fathers’ Rights in Indiana Child Custody Disputes

While not quite as common today, there is still a strong belief that mothers always get custody of the children, and fathers are awarded minimum parenting time of every other weekend and four hours one day a week. This may have been true decades ago, when women stayed home to care for the children and […]