Indiana Child Custody Evaluations: What to Expect

Custody evaluations are conducted by clinical psychologists or psychiatrists upon the motion of one of the parties to a custody dispute, or on the courts own motion. After completing an evaluation, the evaluator files a report with the court describing their findings and recommendations for custody arrangements. The evaluator may also testify at hearing as […]

A Closer Look at Appellate Practice in Indiana: Key Considerations

Appellate practice is a specialized area of the law that requires very different skills than trial practice. While trial lawyers must focus on the facts and how they can apply them to fit their theory of the case, appellate attorneys must concentrate on the law and how it was applied or misapplied to the facts […]

The Best Interests of the Child: What Judges Look for

Custody and parenting time determinations in all states is now based on the best interests of the child. Indiana has statutes enumerating the factors the court should consider when determining the best interests of the child in different situations. These statues also allow the court to consider any other factor that may be relevant to […]

Decoding the Complexities of Appellate Law: An Indiana Perspective

Most everyone has seen movies and television shows depicting the drama that may take place inside of a courtroom. Attorneys cross examine witnesses in order to catch them in a very important lie, jump up and down making objections to questions asked of their witnesses or unexpected testimony given by a witness for the other […]

Navigating Parenting Time Appeals in Indiana: A Detailed Guide

While any appeal can be stressful and a source of anxiety, those involving child custody and parenting time might be the most trying. No parent wants to imagine separation from their child for more than a very short period of time or being forced to leave the child in the care of an unfit parent […]

How Mediation Can Influence Child Custody Decisions in Indiana

Couples who are unable to agree on custody and parenting time may choose to attend mediation, or the court may order them to mediation. During mediation, a third party mediator attempts to help the couple reach an agreement on all custody and parenting time issues possible. This can make things less stressful than going to […]

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Child Custody in Indiana

Domestic violence in a home can result in an offending parent losing custody and parenting time rights with the child, both parents becoming involved with child protective services, the child being removed from the home to live with a third party, or even termination of the parental rights of one or both parents. The impact […]

How Mental Health Issues Impact Child Custody Decisions in Indiana

Mental illness can have extensive affects on every aspect of the life of a person suffering from mental illness as well as their friends and family. Likewise, child custody decisions can be impacted by either parties mental health issues. However, a mental illness does not necessarily mean that a parent will not be awarded custody […]

Impact of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on Child Custody Cases in Indiana

Drug or alcohol addiction or use disorder can substantially impact an entire family in long term and unpredictable ways. Its impact on child custody cases may depend upon the age of the children and extent of the abuse, as well as other factors that must be considered by the court when making a child custody […]

Deciphering the Appellate Process in Indiana: What You Need to Know

The appellate process is very different from trial court proceedings, but it is not difficult to understand when armed with some basic knowledge of Indiana’s court structure and the function of each court. Although you may hear terms like ‘rules of appellate procedure’ and read about how these rules can be complex with strict deadlines […]